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Hoover Fitness has been extremely particular when it comes to choosing products to offer within its community because we only want to offer the best! Over the years, we have had many requests from various companies to carry their products but none of them met our stringent guidelines.

We have finally found a supplement line that we can 100% put our names behind knowing that the product meets our standards. Because of this, we are proud to announce that Hoover Fitness is now a licensed distributor of Prestige Labs Supplements. Being a licensed distributor for them lets us provide you with the best price available! This is not your average supplement line. This line has a variety of products that can help in boosting anyone’s health and wellness journey.

From the Sleep Multiplier to the Last Minute Cleanse to the Bulletproof Vitality, Prestige Labs  has created a full line that can help both men and women increase their endurance, power, and energy but also to improve sleep or even regulate blood sugar. If you struggle with muscle fatigue and soreness or if you want to boost the natural testosterone in your body, there is a supplement meant for you!

With the purest ingredientsno fillers and the fact that the supplements are produced in a cGMP certified facility, you know you are getting the best of the best! Every batch of supplements are tested for purity, at every stage of production and the facility has never failed an inspection. The main aspects we look for are mixability, digestibility, bioavailability, purity, reliability, concentration and taste. Prestige has all of this plus excellent customer service!

Hoover Fitness's  diligence in finding a top of the line supplement company has paid off because now you, along with our community, can order what you need to assist in your health and wellness journey. And you get our savings extended to you! 40% off everything!

Supplement Info (meals below)

Order Supplements in house at Hoover Fitness or order on the Prestige Site at 


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burn am info

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bulletproof vitality (women) info

bulletproof vitality (men) info

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protein infointra infotest storm infosleep multiplier infolast minute cleanse infoburn pm infobulletproof vitality (women) infobulletproof vitality (men) infoefa infoPre infoburn am info

Done For You Meals

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