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Hoover Fitness Personal Training - Changing Lives

 Hoover Fitness offers the best and most affordable personal training around.  Our personal training is user-friendly and is designed to achieve results in a progressive manner that will ensure that you reach your goals.


Lose weight? Gain Weight?  Health Issues? Tone and Tighten?  No matter who you are or what your goals are, we can help!  

Our personal training is very affordable and is guaranteed to be the best around.  Click on contact us to learn more or to set up a time to discuss your personal needs. 

Jason Cerniglia, Owner of Hoover Fitness, has a 20 year background in personal training and is widely recognized as the area's first and foremost expert on helping people reach their goals.  Jason was recognized in 2012 as a "Top 10 Personal Trainer in America" by Personal Fitness Professional Magazine.  Jason was also recognized as the "Most Fit Health Club Professional in America" in July of 2008 by Club Solutions Magazine. All of our trainers teach the same principles and will help you achieve your goals while maintaining a balance in your life with your exercise and your happiness.