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  • We come to your place of work
  • 21 Day Fat Blast (group workouts at your work)
  • 21 Day Fat Blast and Ongoing Training (remote plan)
  • HF Elite Executive Training (1 on 1 training onsite for the busy executive)


What started as the Onsite Corporate 21 Day Fat Blast, has now become a complete onsite corporate training program with multiple options.  Read below to find out how it all started.  It has evolved and is basically a corporate gym with multiple training programs designed to fit your specific place of business.  Increase your company's bottom line by bringing the program to your workplace, where empoyees will actuall participate!

Want to improve the health of your employees?  Want to improve employee productivity?  Want happier employees who have less sick days?  Want to improve your company’s bottom line?  Then it is time to take action toward your employees’ wellness.  According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 75% of employers’ health care costs and productivity losses are related to employee lifestyle choices.  Taking simple steps to improve your employees’ health can  reduce your organization’s health care costs significantly.   The CDC says companies will save $3 to $6 for every dollar they invest in employee wellness.  Investing in corporate wellness has been proven to payoff in many ways including reduced health care costs, improved productivity, less sick days, less presenteeism, better employee retention, and a happier workforce.  

Chances are, you probably have heard about the 21 Day Fat Blast at Hoover Fitness.  If not, then let me tell you a little bit about it.  I created The 21 Day Fat Blast at Hoover Fitness in May of 2011.  That first month, 25 people signed up and the results were amazing.  We had several people lose 2,3, and even 4% body fat in the 21 days and some lose 2, 3, and 4 inches in their mid-section in the 21 days.  The hard work by the participants paid off and word quickly spread.  The program filled to capacity the 2nd month and we never looked back.  The program has filled up every single month since its inception and continues to grow.  

The 21 Day Fat Blast is 21 straight days of different workouts. All the workouts are complete, diverse, intense, and most importantly -  not boring.  The workouts include strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and a various combinations of the two.  During the 21 Days, you do not have to think about what to do and everything you could need from an exercise program is included.  And, best of all, the program can be completed by anyone.  The workouts are designed for the out-of-shape beginner, to the expert fitness-freak.  

To date, thousands of participants have competed The 21 Day Fat Blast and the average participant loses over 2.5% body fat and over 2.5 inches in their mid-section in just 21 days!  The program has exceeded our wildest expectations for growth.  We virtually maxed out Hoover Fitness’ capacity, so we started an On-site corporate 21 Day Fat Blast that is quickly growing and exceeding expectations.  

The On-site Corporate 21 Day Fat Blast

In March of 2013, we completed the first ever on-site corporate 21 Day Fat Blast at Vulcan Materials.  The initial response was great.  We had 45 employees participate in the inaugural event.  Of the 45 participants, the average person lost 2.53% body fat and 2.0 inches in their mid-section.  More importantly, the participants reported feeling better, having more energy, and being happier.  (Just think what this could do for your company’s bottom line!).  The program was so popular that it was immediately booked again for April and 90% of the participants signed up again, along with a number of new participants.  

The program remained at Vulcan in May of 2013 and starting in June, 2013 it is a monthly, on-going Fat Blast training, each and every month.  In addition to Vulcan, we have started Onsite Corporate 21 Day Fat Blasts at the Healthsouth Lakeshore Hospital and Riverchase Country Club, and we are in the process of adding more in the upcoming months.  

At Vulcan, In the first 3 months, 82 employees participated and achieved the following results:

Total group body fat decreased by 201.5%
Total inches lost:  142.5”
Most body fat lost in one session: 8%
Most total inches lost in one session:  6”

But, the biggest results may not have happened in terms of just measurements.  The buzz and excitement around the corporate workplace has been tremendous and the intangibles are very noticeable:

RELATIONSHIP BUILDING - “I have worked with some of these people for many years and never actually knew them beyond the telephone or computer screen and now we know each other by name, greet each other in the hallway, and work together in our workouts!” - Vulcan Employee

WORKPLACE MORAL - “There is a buzz around the building.  People are happier, working harder, working together, and overall it’s just a more lively atmosphere since the program began.” - Vulcan Employee

HOPE AND A SOLUTION - “I honestly could not exercise before this.  I had to wake up, drive across town, work all day, go home and tend to family needs, and then the day was over.  I literally had no time to exercise.  The company allowing you to come here during our lunch break offers hope to me, and many others in the same situation, who could not exercise before, but now can on a regular basis!  Like some companies do, just paying towards an employee’s  gym membership would never have helped my situation.  This was the perfect solution” - Vulcan Employee

We bring The 21 Day Fat Blast to you

One of the biggest problems facing the corporate employee in America is lack of time.  The typical employee wakes up, eats breakfast, goes to work, eats lunch, works some more, then leaves for dinner and a little time for family and/or hobby.  Notice there was no mention of exercise?  With the On-site 21 Day Fat Blast, the workouts are done on their lunch break and at their place of work, thus eliminating the problem of no time.  You don’t need an on-site facility or any equipment at all.  All you need is a group of employees who want or need to be in better shape.  All we need is an open space about the size of a large office or meeting room.  We will bring all necessary equipment, although not much is needed.  

How does The 21 Day Fat Blast work?

The 21 Day Fat Blast is 21 straight days of exercise, which consists mostly of group personal training.  The participants will participate in group personal training on-site during their lunch break 2-3 days per week during the 21 days and on the other days, they will have a workout provided to do on their own at whatever time they wish.  

How is The 21 Day Fat Blast promoted?

We will come out 2 weeks prior and do a free seminar to any interested employees and explain the program in detail and the benefits of participating.  This seminar can be promoted via employee email and workplace flyers.  After that, for the next week or two, the program can be promoted via email and workplace flyers, leading up to the first day.  The first day of the 21 Day program, we will come out and do measurements to all participants and also do a short seminar that will explain the program in further detail, including the schedule, and also give The 21 Day Diet Quick Tips.  

How much does the program cost?

The 21 Day Fat Blast is $99 per person.  There are 3 different approaches available to pay for it.  One option is for the company to pay the entire $99 for each employee.  This approach costs the most for the company, but will yield the most participants, thus bringing in more company-wide results.  The second option is for the employee to pay the entire $99.  This option saves the company the most money, but the leaves the option of your corporate wellness to only those participants who want to pay and participate.  The third, and most favorable option, is for the company to pay half or a portion of the $99 per employee and the employee to pay the other half or remaining portion.  This option creates a win-win scenario, where the company only pays a fraction of the price, thus increasing their return on investment, and the employee gets to participate in a great personal training program for only a fraction of the price.  This option will produce a large amount of participants.  

Call or email today for more information or to get the ball rolling on your On-site 21 Day Fat Blast!

Jason Cerniglia
Owner, Hoover Fitness
Creator of The 21 Day Fat Blast

Note:  Minimum participants to run an On-site Corporate 21 Day Fat Blast - 20 participants
    20 - 25 participants = 1 group personal training session per day on group training days (ex: 11:30am)
    26 - 40 participants = 2 group personal training sessions per day on group training days (ex: 11:30 & 12:15)
    41 - 60 participants = 3 group personal training sessions per day on group training days (ex: 11,1145,1230)

READ below results and testimonials from 21 Day Fat Blast Participants:

“I have really enjoyed the program!  It has really helped me with stress management, and I have had terrific results (over 7 inches total, I believe).  We enjoy coming to class, and having a chance to spend time with coworkers that we don’t have an opportunity to see every day.  It makes working out fun (as fun as it can be)!
The coaching is great and you make it easier for anyone (no matter their fitness level) to start working out.
We hope you are able to work with us for a long time!”
Jane C.

“This has helped me get rid of my lame excuses of not having time.

One of the side benefits has been having fun and building camaraderie.

Oh yeah - I have lost inches and physically feel better and sleep more soundly.”

Yolanda S.

“I’ve been to a gym before and was not impressed.  It was more or less a social event, which I feel defeats the purpose of membership.  A co-worker told me how much she was enjoying the 21 day fat blast offered here at the office, so I gave it a try.  I was very pleasantly surprised!  Our trainer worked us hard, and continued to challenge us up to the last minute every class. He also changed the stations  up to keep us guessing.  It was a lot of fun being with fellow workers who have the same goals and accomplishing those goals together!  We laughed, we fussed, we ached, and we kept each other going. It’s a great way to take a break from the office and blow off a little steam without leaving the building!  The end result was 2.5 inches and 3% body fat lost!  The best part is I feel great!  Sign me up for the next one!”

Kim S.

“I am enjoying meeting co-workers within our building but in a different setting.  We're still all working together, but toward better health; and it's a great workout.  It's so much more enjoyable than trying to exercise alone.  We motivate each other - age and size don't matter.   Jason really mixes it up, and keeps us moving!   Plus, we don't have to go anywhere else - just walk downstairs.  There really aren't many excuses left.”
Diane F.

“Working with Jason is a real pleasure! The workouts are hard but varied to work all the muscle groups.   I have noticed a real difference in my muscle definition, particularly in my arms. Just in time for sleeveless shirts! Yeah!
I love working out with  my co-workers, getting to know them better.  A sense of common purpose and support that has grown among us as our waistlines have shrunk!”

Amy T.

“i have really enjoyed working out.  I am doing things that I never imagined that I could do. All except burpees, and I’m still working on those.  (-:  I had to go meet my counselor at Samford today and I ran up and down the stairs like they were nothing. I have definitely lost inches and  I feel better. I realize that I don’t have to be a size 10 to keep up with the exercises. I asked one girl, now tell me again why I’m going though this workout? She said so you can be healthier and possibly live longer. I then asked, “aren’t I going to die anyhow?”  That’s the attitude a lot of people have, but, I feel better and I am gaining the needed energy to keep running with my 11 and 13 year old athletic sons.  I even look forward to the workouts.  Now that’s something I never thought I would do.  Go Jason, you rock!!!!”

Charlene W.

I look forward to the Fat Blast training.  I enjoy the time spent with the other ladies in the building and getting to know everyone outside my own department.  It gives us a chance to laugh and relieve some stress (when we aren’t out of breath). I am glad that we have this program available to us.  It gets me out of my cubicle and away from my computer, otherwise I would sit at my desk and eat lunch and never get any exercise.  I feel better mentally and physically.
Thanks for all you do.
Cheryl Y.

“DITTO on every one of Diane’s comments.  Having a partner helps with accountability, too – because I feel like I’m letting her down if I don’t show up.  Being able to do this at work cuts down on excuses and makes it so convenient.  This has been a great way to get to know some Vulcan co-workers that I didn’t know and get to know others better.  We’ve all been working towards a goal of being more fit and healthy, are doing it together, and in the long run Vulcan will have healthier, more productive employees.
Personal health results:  Reduced cholesterol by 100 points, exercise and diet has helped tremendously to control borderline type II diabetes, after three 21-day fat blast sessions, lost almost 6 inches off my waist with similar results in legs and arms - and reduced BMI.”
Becky C.

“I’m basically lazy when it comes to physical exercise.  Having a workout session at work, in our building, during my  lunch hour (that I’m paid for when I exercise) has been a great motivator to get me up and active.  I’ve slimmed down and toned up to the point that my clothes actually fit the way they are supposed to.
But more than the benefit of regular exercise, I’ve enjoyed getting to know co-workers that I have never had the opportunity to be around.  We have fun, we laugh, we tease, we dance a bit, we sing a bit – and often just act silly!  How much fun is that!!”
Teresa S.

“I concur with what Teresa, Diane and Yolanda’s responses.  Short and sweet – No excuses - it is convenient, fun and good for my health.”
Mary T.

Before:  “It’s probably too hard and I couldn’t do it…I’m too old and out of shape…etc.”
Jason (The Great Encourager):  “You can do much more than you think you can; great job as always; hold it just a few more seconds, you’re almost there…”
Now:  I’m actually doing it!  I feel better (with a few pains here and there I won’t lie) and my husband and my clothes say there is a change in me!!  My motto to Jason is always “Thanks for making something SOOO hard, FUN!!!”
Thanks to VMC for helping with the cost and time away from my closet to a room full of fun co-workers we only see from time to time but now get to know and work together in a different way.
P.S:  Where else can you go for Personal Training at this price, NEVER boring/ALWAYS something new and different each workout..need I go on???  I LOVE it and look forward to the days we meet and sad when we don’t!!!  Why?  I would much rather work out here during lunch than at home or a gym early or late!
LONG LIVE FAT BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  J  J  J
Debbie P.

“It’s the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time.  I’m feeling stronger & better every day.    Altogether, I’ve lost 12lbs, 5.5 inches around my waist.  3.5 % Body fat and 8 BMI points.  I can tie my shoes, (Bend and stoop) and now walk the bleachers with confidence.  I’m healthier as a result of these workouts.   I am more resilient and flexible.  My diabetic A1c (average blood glucose) is less than it has ever been in my entire life and is now a 6.4.  My overall health has improved dramatically.
I’m so thankful to work with such a great company as to allow me to work out and have fun doing so with my co-workers. It really is fun to all work towards a common fitness goal.  It’s definitely a win-win!”

Dana B.

I've been running at lunch a few times a week at Vulcan for more that 15 years, and have done kickboxing at Shades Valley YMCA for the same amount of time once a week.  The one thing I have NEVER done is strength training.  I quit the "Y" and started strength training with Fat Blast.  Its great to get into a daily program here a work.  Thanks for you and Vulcan for bringing this program to the office.  

Dan S.

“Participating in Fat Blast training has helped me achieve success in all areas of mind, body, and spirit.  The program and everyone involved makes the hard work challenging and fun!  Each day, I am more motivated to working harder and getting stronger.”
Robin T.

“When I began this process I thought I was too old, too fat and too much of an asthmatic to do any of the exercises.  I know now those were just excuses.  I have enjoyed these classes immensely and have bettered myself in the process. I’m stronger.  I have more stamina and energy.  I’m making a conscientious effort to eat better to coincide with my workouts.  I’ve lost inches and pounds and I’m in a size I haven’t worn since 1999!  I cannot say enough good things about Hoover Fitness and you Jason for pushing me when I didn’t think I was able to do any of it.  Having the classes here at work is the best part.  I can’t thank Vulcan and you enough for motivating me to get out of my chair for an hour each day to attend the classes.  Thank you!”
Elaine H.

“I would like to first thank you and Vulcan for giving this opportunity.
I can definitely tell I am much stronger and toner and just plain feel better!!
In the first 2 months I lost, I believe it was 7% body fat and maybe 3 inches.
Because of the my progress and Jason’s motivation I work out everyday even when he is not here to teach class. He leaves us with workouts to do on our own, so there are no excuses.
It is also a good team building experience and gives you an opportunity to meet and talk to people in the company that would have probably not every had the opportunity to do.
I recommend everyone give this a try !!”
Nicki C.





Can you give a brief history of your workout regimen before doing Fat Blast Training?
I was walking everyday during my lunch hour

Which Fat Blast Training do you do? 
Corporate Onsite Training at Vulcan Materials

How long have you been doing Fat Blast Training?
April is my 1 year anniversary participating in Fat Blast

What results have you achieved with your Fat Blast Training? (Statistical and non-statistical)
To date I have lost 56 lbs and 15 % body fat

What do you like best about the workouts and training program?
What drew me into the program as a plus size woman was the fact the measurements were the only numbers written down,  (NO SCALES). Jason wants you to concentrate on how you feel and how you feel in your clothes and not what the scales tell you should be feeling. There is a method to his madness! I love that he knows each person’s strengths and/or weaknesses so everyone does what he knows they are capable of doing.

Do you have any health and fitness advice for others?
I believe if you find something that is right for you, you will stick with it. I don’t dredge working out like I did at first. It’s now part of my normal routine just like anything else and I schedule things around those days so I don’t miss classes.
I follow the burn more than you eat motto than Jason uses. I don’t count calories all day, I look at the calories and I ask myself is it really worth it. I like to keep simple. I have tried every fad diet and spent thousands of dollars on pills, shakes, etc trying to get that quick fix.  This is the only thing that has worked for me and the only thing I have committed for such a long period time.  I have never felt better even though I know I have a long ways to go on my journey.