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You don’t get results from just “completing” the workout

You don’t get results by just completing a workout. You have to work hard.  Remember, it’s not how fast you go, it’s how hard you work.  I see way too often people work as fast as they can, at the sacrifice of doing things right, just to complete the workout and be finished.  Basically they sacrifice results for the sake of finishing fast.  

The body and mind are designed to avoid pain and take the easiest way out.  If you are not careful, your mind will program itself to tell you that all you have to do is complete the workout and you will get results.  When this happens, the person usually will try to complete the workout faster, since the only goal is to complete the workout. So, usually form and effectiveness are sacrificed in this situation.  And this can create a scenario where you can be extremely dedicated to your workouts and never miss them, but still not be getting the results you want.

Remember - you have to work hard to get results.  Now don’t get me wrong.  You don’t want to go slow.  And you can work harder by going faster.  Just don’t do it at a sacrifice of working harder.  The goal is to finish the workout as fast as you can but while doing everything correctly and without having to go down in weight or alter your form.  

Your mind will do everything it can to make things easier and avoid pain.  The bad news is that in the exercise world you have to accept pain and endure it.  I’m not talking about injury pain here, but rather the pain and discomfort and misery of working hard.  The good news is that you don’t have to spend hours and hours in this pain.  You can workout really hard for 30-45 minutes and you can do cardio really hard for 15-20 minutes and get amazing results.  

So do a self assessment and see if you are working at a pace that causes you to avoid the pain and that sacrifices form and weight.  If so, then if you want real results, its’ time to do everything the right way.  And once you get back to doing things the right way and working hard, you will find that your workout time will get back to the same fast pace as it was before and you will get results!

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