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By this time you have probably heard about The 21 Day Fat Blast at Hoover Fitness.  Over 4500 participants have completed this program and the average participant loses 3 inches in just 21 Days.  Some have lost even 5 or more % and 5 or more inches!

Who can participate?
Anyone who will show up and wants results.  Literally anyone from a beginner to someone in tip-top shape can participate and will get results.  The program is designed for everyone.  We have had everyone from an amputee to a 13 year old to an 80 year old to extremely out of shape to extremely in shape.  So, if you fall anywhere in between any of those, you can participate.  (and, you don't have to be a member of Hoover Fitness to participate).

What is the schedule like?
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday you meet at either 545am, 930am, 4pm, 445pm, or 530pm for group personal training.  There is also a bonus class on Friday at 930am.  On the other days, you come in on your own and do the provided workout with help from the staff.  YOU GET ACCESS TO THE CLASSES FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH, WHICH GIVES YOU UP TO 4 WEEKS TO COMPLETE YOUR 21 DAYS!

What do I do on the days we don’t meet?
Wednesday you do The 301 Workout, Friday the 15 Minute Rounds Workout, Saturday The Workout of the Week, and Sunday is The Cardio Workout of the Week.  The staff can show you where to find these.

Will I get results?
Yes.  You will if you stick with it and do the program.

What about diet?
We will give you The no-discipline-easy-to-follow 21 Day Diet Tips that will help you during the 21 days.  Nothing crazy, just some simple, easy changes you can make!

What if I have to miss some days?
That is ok.  You can still do the program.  And you will still get results.  We can instruct you on what to do on any days you miss, or you can make them up after the 21 days.  No matter what, even if you miss some time, you will still end up doing a lot more than you normally would during the month!

Do I need a partner?
Partners are recommended for accountability, but are not mandatory by any means.  About half of the participants do not have a partner.  

Can I see some results of people who have participated?
Yes - Read below or go back to the home page and see the before and after pics.

How much is the program?
$99 if you are not a member of Hoover Fitness.  ($79 if you are).  BASICALLY 4 WEEKS OF PERSONAL TRAINING FOR ONLY $99!  

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Hurry, Space is limited!  (This program fills up every month)


Read what members are saying:

"I accidently bought this Under Armour workout shirt in a child's size in January and when I put it on it was too tight.  Now, after doing the body fat blast for several months, I can wear it.  And, it is loose!"

By Marie Gordon, 10-17-2012


"Tomorrow starts my 3rd bout doing the 21 day fitness program at Hoover Fitness !! Have to get back in my routine of waking up at 5am! I don't mind b/c it's very addicting and we have an awesome class and instructor.... Jason Cerniglia!"

By Leesa Thompson via Facebook post on 4-3-2012

Hi Jason,

I have really enjoyed the Bodyblast and 301 workouts.  You are a tremendous leader--it is so awesome to work out with such a versatile group of people at the same time (fitness level and personality wise).  You have the perfect mix of providing encouragement, but also pushing everyone to become better.  Furthermore, I have met so many great people by doing the group sessions.  It makes coming to the gym so much more enjoyable when you see the same smiling faces, and can find a partner to do 301 with, etc.  That sense of community can not be bought--that includes your staff too.  Your staff is so friendly and helpful.  I have never felt intimidated to ask any one of them a question on how to do an exercise.  I have never belonged to a gym where I have felt such a family environment.  Keep up the great work!! 

Lisa McCormick



Congratulations to the following people for their results in the 21 Day Body Fat Blast.  These are incredible results reached in just 21 days!  Congrats to everyone who has completed the program.  The average participant has lost 2.5% body fat and 2.5 inches.  Everyone who has completed the program has achieved body fat reduction and lost inches.  


Lisa McCormick - lost 4% body fat and 1.5 inches


Kristina Theall - lost 3.5% body fat and 4.5 inches


Kristie Jones - lost 3% body fat and 2 inches


Ashley Caldwell - lost 3.5% body fat and 3 inches


Monica Henley - lost 2.5% body fat and 3 inches


Mandi Jowers - lost 2.5% body fat and 2.5 inches


Belicia Sutton - lost 2% body fat and 2 inches


Hollye Jackson - lost 2% body fat and 1 inch


David Ferrell - lost 2.5% body fat and 2.5 inches (and 10lbs!)


Over 30 other people lost an average of 2% body fat and 2 inches!


Even More Results from the July and August 21 Day Body Fat Blasts:


Jamie Woodruff lost 5% body fat and 3 inches (she really did!)


Erin Green lost 4% body fat and 1 inch 


Lara Dichiara lost 3.5% body fat and 2.5 inches


Amy Browne lost 3% body fat and 2 inches


Kyley Crane lost 3% body fat and 1.5 inches


Kathryn Kostopulos lost 2.5% body fat and 1.5 inches


Ross Phares lost 2.5% body fat and 1.5 inches


Jennifer Tidwell lost 3% body fat and 2 inches


Amanda Gresham lost 3% body fat and 2 inches


Joe Knight lost 2% body fat and 3 inches

The typical participant in the program loses an average of 2.5% body fat and 2 inches, which is extremely good for only 21 days.  The above mentioned individuals managed to outdo even that!