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Jason Cerniglia, Owner

Real People, Real Results


Hoover Fitness continues to get/keep me physically fit.
I regularly make use of the stairmaster and jump rope for most of my cardio workouts.
The free weights (dumbbells), weight machines and the Fat Blast group training classes have helped burn enough layers of fat to reveal some noticeable lean muscle gains.

HF offers all I need to maintain my present fitness level and I continue to work towards my goal of a leaner, more fit and defined physique.

I appreciate Jason's guidance, encouragement and support in building and maintaining the best health/fitness possible!

If you're searching for a family-owned/operated gym, ideal for your whole family's needs, I believe Hoover Fitness will impress you.

John Chatta

 I never imagined that after two kids I would be in the best shape of my life!  Thanks to The 21 Day Fat Blast, I have never felt or looked better physically.

After the birth of my second child, I decided to start working on getting the baby weight off.  After several weeks of getting back in the gym, I felt that I still was lacking the motivation needed to be diligent with my workouts to gain the results that I was working towards.  A friend of mine told me about The 21 Day Fat Blast and her success.  I was so impressed with her testimony and results that I signed up right away.

In just 21 days, I lost 5 total inches!  I noticed muscle in places that I didn’t even know existed.  I saw my arms and legs beginning to tone.  I was so impressed with my results it had me coming back for more!  I did the program again the next month and came out with great results again!

The 21 Day Fat Blast did much more than just give me great results, it gave me the accountability I needed to not give up.  I learned many great exercises I could do on my own, how to use weights properly, how much weight was right for me, and how to use equipment that I never knew how to use because I was too shy to ask.  It taught me how to push myself and that if I stuck with it, the “pain” would soon be “gain”.  Last but not least, it was exactly what I needed to “jump-start” my workout routine and make exercise a part of my day!  I would recommend The 21 Day Fat Blast to anyone looking for a good workout program.  If it worked for me, I know it will work for anyone!

 Emily Stanley, member

Update/Comments from Jason:  

“After working with Emily during her two 21 Day Fat Blasts, it was great to see her immediate results.  But, in the next several months, I noticed a change that totally emphasizes what the 21 Day Fat Blast is all about.  That change is the fact that Emily had made exercise a part of her daily routine.  She had made it a part of her lifestyle.  Yes, I like to shed body fat and get people immediate results, but my overarching goal, and the big picture goal of the 21 Day Fat Blast, is to see people make exercise a part of their life.  I notice virtually everyone who comes into Hoover Fitness, and over the past year, I had noticed Emily coming in and exercising some.  I actually even remembered her coming in several years ago and exercising some.  But after she did the two 21 Day Fat Blasts, it all changed.  She became a “workout person” and going to the gym became part of her life.  Although she wasn’t doing the 21 Day Fat Blast anymore, she was coming in pretty much every day and doing cardio, doing spin, doing The 301 Workout, doing other aerobics classes, and so on.  She was not only working hard and doing “real” exercise, she was doing it daily and consistently.  Emily’s physical and lifestyle changes are an inspiration and are what makes me extremely happy and blessed to do what I do.”

Jason Cerniglia

Owner, Hoover Fitness

Creator of The 21 Day Fat Blast and The 301 Workout


Hi Jason,

Since my membership ends tomorrow (we moved), I won’t get the chance to thank you in person. I just wanted to send a quick email letting you know how thankful I am that I found your gym. You should know that joining your gym has truly transformed my life for the better.  I have never considered myself to be athletic or capable of anything fitness related. I’ve joined various gyms over the years but I never followed through with my goals or felt very comfortable while working out. I was hesitant when I joined Hoover Fitness but from my first free session until now I couldn’t be happier. I’ve learned so much about exercise and fitness. The group sessions have been really encouraging. I’ve met so many great people and I actually looked forward to working out.  I never thought I would be able to complete as many push ups and squats in one session as I have during many of the workouts!! It’s definitely become more than just weight loss. It’s a new way of life that I hope to continue with. I’ve never felt better about myself and really want to thank you for that.

It’s also great that since February I’ve lost over 20 pounds and several inches!! I haven’t been this thin since I had my first baby almost 7 years ago. 

Thank you for being so encouraging and helping me find a better and healthier lifestyle!!

Thank you,

Jessica Olson


"Tomorrow starts my 3rd bout doing the 21 day fitness program at Hoover Fitness !! Have to get back in my routine of waking up at 5am! I don't mind b/c it's very addicting and we have an awesome class and instructor.... Jason Cerniglia!"

By Leesa Thompson via Facebook


"Nothing beats amazing, friendly staff, and an un-intimidating, family friendly atmosphere. Great job for creating that at Hoover fitness." From Becky Abernathy via Facebook


      "Just a warning to others, Hoover Fitness could be habit-forming."

  • Kathryn Kostopulos via Facebook



Twenty months ago I went to a neurosurgeon for what I had decided would be my last analysis, after seeing a number of surgeons over a six year period who had all told me to “not exercise at all” because of my back.  This neurosurgeon, however, told me that he wanted me to get into a vigorous exercise program.  I questioned him about how vigorous because all the previous surgeons had told me not to exercise.  


“You can’t do anything to hurt that back.  I heard you played football and was for a time a football coach.  Do what you told your players to do when things got a little tough - ‘suck it up.‘  Do anything you want, and if it hurts, just suck it up.” 


Vigorous exercise had always been a big part of my life until my back gave up on me six years before, so, I was really glad to have him tell me that I could exercise again, and that it should be “vigorous.”  That was when I joined Hoover Fitness.  Since then, I have lost 36 pounds and, of course, feel much better.  At age 80, I began a workout and cardio program lasting one hour and forty minutes three times per week.  I also cut back on my calorie consumption, but still ate pretty much what I wanted on a diabetic’s diet.


On June 4th, the internist who had been treating my diabetes for the last six years of the seventeen that I have been diabetic, told me to stop taking my insulin injections, that my pancreas was producing enough insulin.  It felt like I just hit a home run.


I first came to Hoover Fitness because it’s close to the restaurant where I have breakfast with my friends six days a week (for more than twenty years).  I live in Alabaster, but continue to come to Hoover Fitness because of the friendly atmosphere, the unlimited time that you can exercise, and the moderate membership fees.  


Losing more than 30 pounds and stopping my insulin injections has proved to me once again, at almost 82 years old, that regular exercise and a reasonable diet still is the way to go.  Sometimes in the early stages of an exercise program when it seems that you are always tired and sore, remember what the neurosurgeon told me, just “suck it up.”  It’s worth the time and effort!


Gardner McCollum

Hoover Fitness Member