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Jason Cerniglia, Owner

Strength Through Faith is a Christian Service organization.  Our mission is “to spread the Gospel while doing God’s good work” and to help others find “Strength Through Faith” during tough times in their life.

We are committed to spreading the Gospel to all ends of the earth.  Locally we will serve others by working with individuals, working with small groups, serving local mission centers, and by charity drives and other charity functions.  Globally, we will serve by organized mission trips to places such as Mission of Hope in Haiti and other places around the world.

Strength Through Faith was founded by Jason Cerniglia in 2008, who now serves on its board with Jeremy Hunter.  Their goal is to grow the organization while spreading the Gospel and helping others around Birmingham and throughout the world.



STF History

Strength Through Faith is the official charity organization of Hoover Fitness.  Strength Through Faith organizes charity drives and donations for various causes.  The Strength Through Faith organization was founded by Jason Cerniglia, owner of Hoover Fitness, in 2008, after his son, Peyton, was born with a congenital heart disease called crititcal pulmonary stenosis.  After 21 days in infant intensive care and 2 heart proceedures later, Peyton was able to go home.  Under continued care and checkups, Peyton has progressed well and is living a very normal life with a strong heart.


You can help by donating and/or attending a Strength Through Faith event or by purchasing Strength Through Faith bracelets, T-shirts,and other products at Hoover Fitness.  In it's first 2 years, Strength Through Faith raised over $10,000 and several truckloads of donated goods, and the totals continue to grow every year.

We thank you for your support!

Peyton Ty Cerniglia