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Jason Cerniglia, Owner

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gyms?  ready or not ready

Ready for the gym??  Not ready yet?? READ EVERYTHING BELOW - WE HAVE OPTIONS!!

Gyms are opening back up and many people are excited to get back in the gym.  We also understand that not everyone is ready yet.  But no matter what your feelings are about going into a gym or not, EVERYONE needs to exercise, which is why WE HAVE OPTIONS to fit everyone’s comfort level at this time.   Details below.  Message us for pricing and/or questions.

HOOVER FITNESS REGULAR GYM USAGE:  We are open and operating our 24/7 memberships and group training classes with cleaning, safety, and distancing measures in place.  Basic memberships are $19.99/month and we have various other training memberships.  (We don’t operate on the volume of the mega gyms and we are 24/7, which means we are rarely crowded, so spacing and safety measures will be manageable)

GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING:  Our most popular option for the past 11 years has been our group personal training classes.  These classes are designed to burn body fat and develop lean muscle tone, and increase strength, balance, and mobility.  They work for literally everyone, beginner to the seasoned athlete.  The workouts are done in small to medium sized groups with a trainer and each person is catered to their individual needs within the workout.  the classes meet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at 545am, 930am, 4pm, 445pm, and Fridays at 930am.  Cardio plans, diet help, and workouts for days you don’t meet with the group are also included.  ALL GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING PARTICIPANTS WILL HAVE THEIR OWN PWS (Personal Workout Space - see below)

personal workout space at Hoover Fitness

personal workout space at Hoover Fitness

PRIVATE ROOM TRAINING:  We have converted a 1000 sq ft. room into Jason’s Workout World Private Training Studio.  Jason will be training clients 1 on 1 or in small groups in this room privately with separate equipment from the rest of the gym.  This option is ideal for those who want to get back in the gym and work with a trainer, but who may be at higher risk or for any reason are not yet comfortable coming into the regular gym yet.  Equipment will be sanitized before and after each use. 

NOT READY TO COME BACK IN THE GYM YET???  Check out our new virtual workout option! This can be done by everyone. You don’t have to be a Hoover Fitness member. Even though Hoover Fitness is open, we understand that many people still are not comfortable coming to the gym, so we created Jason’s Workout World and the Virtual Personal Trainer. The Virtual Personal Trainer is literally our personal training and group training that we have done for over 20 years in a digital format. The workouts are delivered to your inbox daily and tell you exactly what to do and have video demonstrations of each exercise so you will know how to do them (see the video in the post). Each day you receive 3 different workouts, one that can be done at home or at the gym with equipment, one that can be done at home or literally anywhere without equipment, and one that can be done with the Jason’s Workout World Resistance Bands. People of all ages and fitness levels have done these workouts, so literally anyone can do them. 8-80 years old, beginner to expert, out of shape looking to lose weight, in shape looking to get in better shape. Literally everyone! The average participant loses 3 inches and 3% body fat in just 3 weeks doing these workouts! Now you can do them from the comfort of your home! Check out the post and video from Jason’s Workout World and the virtual personal trainer at

Jason's Workout World Products.  The Virtual Personal Trainer, Resistance Bands, Calorie Budgeting 101

jason's workout world products.  The virtual trainer, resistance bands, Calorie Budgeting 101

Hoover Fitness has been open for 15 years and has programs that can literally help anyone, no matter what your goals are.  

Programs designed by owner, Jason Cerniglia, who has been the area’s leading fitness professional for over 20 years.  (Jason has been awarded “Most Fit Health Club Owner in America” and Top 10 personal trainer in America by two different national publications - read more about Jason and get tips and advice on Jason's Blog Page)


  • Lose 10-15lbs, 6-10 inches, 6-10% body fat in 60 days
  • Workouts 3x per week with a trainer
  • Easy to follow meal plan (still eat foods you love!)
  • 1 on 1 coaching and accountability


  • Lose 10-15lbs, 6-10 inches, 6-10% body fat in 60 days
  • Can be done anywhere: at Hoover Fitness, your home, another gym, etc.
  • Personalized workout plan to follow every day
  • Easy to follow meal plan (still eat the foods you love!)
  • 1 on 1 coaching and accountability 
  • Daily and weekly communication

24 Hour Membership to Hoover Fitness (total DIY option)

  • Only $19.99
  • Workout any time you want 24/7
  • The Workout Wall (over 20 workouts posted for you to follow)
  • The Cardio Workout Wall (cardio workouts posted to follow)

1 on 1 Personal Training 

  • Workout with a trainer one on one (or with a partner and get 2-person discount)
  • Meal Plan and nutrition coaching
  • Non-workout day workouts provided
  • Coaching and accountability

Corporate Fitness

  • We come to your place of work
  • 60 Day Total Body Transformation (group workouts at your work)
  • 60 Day Total Body Transformation (remote plan)
  • HF Elite Executive Training (1 on 1 training onsite for the busy executive)

HF Elite In-home Personal Training 

  • We come to you! (No equipment needed)
  • 1 on 1 options and small group training

Senior Fitness

  • Insurance Paid Plans (Silver Sneakers, Prime, Viva, Healthy Contributions, etc.)
  • Instruction and equipment orientation
  • Non-intimidating environment (user-friendly atmosphere)

Done For You Meals 

  • Ready Made meals delivered to your home 
  • Ready in less than 3 minutes
  • Complete Nutrition 
  • Great Taste

Prestige Labs Supplements

  • Complete line of performance supplements
  • Safe. and effective
  • Fat Burners, Pre-workout, Recovery, Protein, and more

We literally have everything you need to get the results you want.  Simply go to the contact us page and inquire about the programs that you are intersted in.  We can fit you to the right program or build one specific to you to get you results based on your individual needs. 

Go to our Facebook Page and read all of our 5 Star Reviws and see member testimonials and pics.  Whle you are there, click like and continue to get updates, tips, advice, etc.   You can also read tons of great reviews on Google.

member results

Training is our specialty - getting people results in a safe, customized, and user-friendly way.  We have never met someone that we couldn’t help, regardless of shape, size, health problems, and physical limitations.  And our programs are known for being the safest around.  Weight loss, fat loss, toning, getting stronger, improving health - we can help all of that.  Already in shape?? - the same programs will also help you stay in shape and get in even better shape.  No matter where you are in your journey, we can help!   

Our All-Inclusive Training Program combines all the best features of every program we have.  This program can be done in our new  6 Week Challenge format or in longer, monthly durations. THIS PROGRAM IS INCREDIBLE AND YOU WILL BE IN POSITION TO LOSE 10-20LBS AND/OR 4-6% BODY FAT IN JUST 6 WEEKS.  You will also be in a position to reach your long term goals that extend past 6 weeks.  This program has all the pieces for you to get the results that you want - workouts with a trainer 3x/week, customized diet plan, and accountability.  We have been open for over 12 years and helped thousands of people get results and now we have combined the best aspects of every successful program we have had (1 on 1 training, group training, weight loss membership, diet plans, etc) into 1 all-encompassing program - GUARANTEED to get results.  

For more information on this and to schedule an appointment  to come learn about the program and how we can tailor it to you and your specific goals, simply go to our contact us page and request an information meeting. 





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Check Out These Participants!

Nikki - Down 100lbs, 20 inches, 20% bodyfat!!

Kim Halcomb - 11% body fat and 11.5 inches lost!

Congrats to John "Stinkin" Chatta! 

From John - "Thanks for helping me maintain a leaner, healthier and happier life. (From a miserable 225# to a leaner 170#.) Even when you add Burpees to the workout, your guidance, encouragement and humor is appreciated and helps me stay the course. Thanks again!"


A friend I had met at Hoover Fitness encouraged me to try the 21-Day Fat Blast. I was hooked. After 21 days, I had lost 2.5% body fat and saw immediate changes in my shape. Personally, I had always enjoyed weight training more, but I had been convinced that women could only lose weight through cardiovascular exercise. The Fat Blast showed me that I could have a combine the two. Plus, there is a camaraderie within the group setting unlike any traditional fitness classes that I have ever taken. I have been doing the 301 workouts and Fat Blast for almost a year and half now. The workouts are always interesting and keep me guessing as to which muscle group I’ll be feeling the next day.

The best part though is the results. To date, I have lost over 70 pounds, more than 10% body fat, and 10 inches off my waist. My shape has changed completely. I will never be “thin” in the traditional sense, but I am muscular and healthy which I love. - Paige Hofer, November 2012


  In April 2011, I started doing the Body Fat Blast and the 301 workouts at Hoover Fitness and the results have been amazing!  Since that time I have lost 7% body fat and a total of 55 pounds! I went from not doing any type of exercise to working out every day.  It has become part of my daily routine. Hoover Fitness is a gym where you can feel comfortable at any size or age.  The staff is helpful and never intimidating.  Jason encourages you to set realistic goals and push yourself.  He also teaches you to think in terms of progress rather than perfection. I would encourage anyone to try the Body Fat Blast program at Hoover Fitness, regardless of where you are physically! -Anna Gaston, December 2012

 I never imagined that after two kids I would be in the best shape of my life!  Thanks to Hoover Fitness and The 21 Day Fat Blast, I have never felt or looked better physically.

After the birth of my second child, I decided to start working on getting the baby weight off.  After several weeks of getting back in the gym, I felt that I still was lacking the motivation needed to be diligent with my workouts to gain the results that I was working towards.  A friend and fellow member of Hoover Fitness told me about The 21 Day Fat Blast that was offered there.  I was so impressed with her testimony and results that I signed up right away.

In just 21 days, I lost 5 total inches!  I noticed muscle in places that I didn’t even know existed.  I saw my arms and legs beginning to tone.  I was so impressed with my results it had me coming back for more!  I did the program again the next month and came out with great results again!

Emily Stanley, December 2012

(To read more about Emily's journey and progress, click on the Real People, Real Results tab)







Congrats to Carol Bagwell for losing 3.5% bodyfat and 4 total inches!

Some of the top results from just one month of our training program- Lisa McCormick lost 4% body fat and 1.5 inches, Kristina Theall lost 3.5% body fat and 4.5 inches, and Ashley Caldwell lost 3.5% body fat and 3 inches, and Jamie Woodruff lost 5% bodyfat and 3 inches.  All in just 1 month!

"I was probably the biggest skeptic of this workout when I started, but now i am a believer.  It is really working for me!!" (via Facebook from Monica Henley, who lost 2.5% body fat and 3 inches in less than 21 days)


"It is so user-friendly.  I never know what any of the exercises are and either Jason or another employee is so eager to stop whatever they are doing and show me.  Also, there are usually others doing the 301 as well and you can follow them and see how they do stuff.  It is so fun!!! If you try it once, you will be addicted:)" (Via Facebook from Shelley Johnson, mother of 2)

Why overpay for 1 type of exercise?  Hoover Fitness offers all types of exercise for as little as $19.99 per month and we will help you reach your health and fitness goals.




Jason Cerniglia, Owner

Jason is a Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist, and Golf Conditioning Coach.  He was awarded in July 2008 by Club Solutions Magazine the "Most Fit Health Club Professional in America."  He is the author of the book, Look Great. Feel Great. And Still Eat Pizza!, a veteran of the fitness industry for over 20years. 


Hoover Fitness is a proud supporter of Juice Plus+ fruit and vegetable capsules.  To learn more about Juice Plus+, log onto www.cernigliajuiceplus.com and watch the short video.