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Host a 21 Day Fat Blast at your country club! 

We are currently hosting a 21 Day Fat Blast at Riverchase Country Club and looking to add more.  Read below information on how your club can be a part of this and the benefits your club can gain!

We are bringing it to you!

Chances are, you probably have heard about the 21 Day Fat Blast at Hoover Fitness.  If not, then let me tell you a little bit about it.  I created The 21 Day Fat Blast at Hoover Fitness in May of 2011.  That first month, 25 people signed up and the results were amazing.  We had several people lose 2,3, and even 4% body fat in the 21 days and some lose 2, 3, and 4 inches in their mid-section in the 21 days.  The hard work by the participants paid off and word quickly spread.  The program filled to capacity the 2nd month and we never looked back.  The program has filled up every single month since its inception and continues to grow.  

The 21 Day Fat Blast is 21 straight days of different workouts. All the workouts are complete, diverse, intense, and most importantly -  not boring.  The workouts include strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and a various combinations of the two.  During the 21 Days, you do not have to think about what to do and everything you could need from an exercise program is included.  And, best of all, the program can be completed by anyone.  The workouts are designed for the out-of-shape beginner, to the expert fitness-freak.  

To date, over 1100 participants have competed The 21 Day Fat Blast and the average participant loses over 2.5% body fat and over 2.5 inches in their mid-section in just 21 days!  The program has exceeded our wildest expectations for growth.  We virtually maxed out Hoover Fitness’ capacity, so we started an On-site 21 Day Fat Blast that is quickly growing and exceeding expectations.  

We Utilize Your Space and Resources
Whether you have unlimited amounts of equipment or no equipment, we will utilize the equipment and space you have and we will bring anything that we may need that you don’t have.

Your Current Members Will Be Happy!
This is a great retention tool.  A member who uses the club more stays longer!  Especially those on specific memberships, such as a pool and fitness membership or pool and tennis, where they are only really left with the fitness center during winter months - and if they are not using the fitness facilities, then they aren’t using the club.  Lack of usage is strong reason for people to resign.  

Bring in New Members
This can also be used as a tool to bring in non-members to participate in the club and possibly join the club following their 21 Days!  Prospective members will use the fitness aspect of the club and can be given trials for dining and other parts of the club during the trail if the club chooses to do so.  Think of it as a very interactive trail.  

Very Affordable Cost
The Onsite 21 Day Fat Blast is only $89 per person.  Basically, 3 weeks of group personal training for less than $30 per week!

Group Personal Training
Three days per week the participants will meet at a scheduled time or two (depending on the amount of people singed up) for group personal training workouts.  On the other days, they will have a workout that is based on your current fitness equipment for the participants to do on their own.  They don’t have to think for 21 days!

Improve Workforce and Staff Morale
You also have the ability to open the program up to employees in addition to the members and non-members.  This program is done at various corporate settings and the results are incredible.  The employee health and workplace morale improve drastically.  Which means a healthier and more productive workforce.

What Kind of Results Can Participants Expect?  
Click here to see the results to expect!

What is the next step?
We come out and meet with you and discuss simple ways on how to market the program and get the word out and discuss dates, times, and other logistics.  It is a very simple process.

The Club has nothing to lose and can only gain!
There is literally no risk to the club.  The participants pay for the program, so the club does not have any financial risks.  It is literally a risk-free way to improve member and non-member experience.  

Thank you for taking the time to read through and consider hosting an Onsite 21 Day Fat Blast at your Country Club!

Jason Cerniglia
Owner, Hoover Fitness